Negative Pressure Ventilation System

Brand : KOLOWA
Model : KVC-NPV
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Negative Pressure Ventilation System is mainly working on the principle of Evaporative cooling. A combination of evaporative cooling, GSI Wind Chill effect and negative pressure ventilation brings condusive environment to the working place. This system always brings fresh and cold air removes the stale hot air ensures workers healthy. Applying the theory of air exchange and air distribution, this system efficiently removes odor, heat, fumes, dust and stagnant air, while bringing in fresh air. Taking into account the speed of air flow per second and the number of air change per hour, the amount of fresh air to be brought in can be accurately controlled.


  • Cellulosic Pad Angle is good enough to limit the air from one direction with highest evaporation rate of water.
  • It effectively improves factory ventilation by 95~99%
  • Reduces Temperature upto 10 deg C
  • Long Life of cooling pad i.e more than 5 years.
  • Soonest ROI interms of increased productivity and employee retention.


  • SIze of Cooling Pads: 150mm x 600mm x 1500mm & 150mm x 600mm x 1800mm
  • Circulation Pump 3 HP
  • Aluminium Channels
  • Control Panle with timer on/off option
  • Wall Mounted / Roof Mounted Exhaust fans

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  • Item Code: KVC-NPV


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