Liquid Chemical Dispensing

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Chemical Dispensing Systems are designed to automate the dyeing process by precisely weighing the chemicals and dispensing them to a given machine at the right sequence. Ods Chem minimizes human intervention throughout the process and, hence, significantly lowers defective orders, improves the efficiency, and standardizes the entire procedure.




  • Lowers valuable chemical spills which translate into 15 ? 25 % cost reduction.
  • Allows managers to identify the recurring errors and improve the productivity through the historical order tracking system
  • Allows easily duplicating the work orders via standardized, consistent, and accurate procedures
  • Reduces the labor costs
  • Improves the inventory management
  • Helps to prevent hazardous accidents by reducing human input in the chemical dispensing process.



  • The unique positive displacement pumps, in combination with the inverter
    drivers, allows fast and accurate dispensing independent of the
    viscosity or the distance.
  • Chemicals are measured accurately via electromagnetic or mass flow meters.
  • The customizable automation system enables using conical or cylindrical
  • Special design 3 way valves embedded on a single S/S pipe-line to
    dispense chemicals. No welding or no threads are used on the pipeline.
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