Bigg Fans – HVLS

Brand        : KOLOWA

Model        : Bigg Fan – Kol

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This High Volume Low Speed Fans are having a big difference compared to normal ceiling fans that the volume of air exchange is higher with greater flow covering vast area results in cool air wind chill effect to the skin.  One Bigg Fan may replace 20 to 40 normal ceiling fans brings more comfort to the environment.

Bigg Fan Functions

Energy Saving, Reduce Heating Bills

  • Low Air Cooling Cost
  • Improve working climate & employees efficiency
  • Nature Air Cooling & Keep healthy fresh air reducing bacteria


Why Choose Bigg Fan?


    1. Outstanding coverage without draft, fully encompassing air circulation
    2. Energy efficient design, quick return on investment, Cut facility energy cost up to 30%
    3. Effective supplement to Air conditioning, provide 3 to 5% savings on energy cost per deg.C
    4. At optimal height, the fan can produce coverage area of 5 to 6 times greater than the overall fan diameter

Bigg Fan Features

    • World Top Class Germany Nord Motor System, Coaxial Helical Gear Reducer
      1.  Small gear backlash assembly and grinding process, lower noise
      2. Strengthened bearing frame structure, ladder output shaft, large oil seal, strengthened fuselage structure, higher safety
      3. New Generation High energy-Efficiency IE 2 Motor, Low Noise
      4. CCC, CE, UL certificated
    • Shell Omala S4GX highest-quality life time synthetic oils
    • Imported SKF32-VL-II Taped roller VL bearings, Simrit high temperature double lipped output oil seals
    • Gearbox automatic exhaust Valve
    • 6 pcs new designed Airfoil, AA6063T6511, surface carbon fluoro painting
    • Cold forged external clamp type wing
    • High-intensity hub is forged from imported aviation aluminum alloy material ALUM AA7075 with 1500 T high pressure
    • Danfoss Powerful Variable Frequency Drive (VFD inverter)
    • Built-in RF interference filter, inhibit the motor and cable send radio interference
    • Built-in Intelligent logic controller, implement perfect and reliable operation
    • Built-in brake chopper, convert device kinetic energy to braking power
    • Features such as earth-ground fault, over temperature and short circuit protection
    • General RS485FC protocol, to achieve any control system communication
    • Precision CNC machined hub
    • Dynamically balanced and tested
    • Hub strength 570Mpa+
      1. Hub surface evenness tolerance controlled within 0.01mm
      2. AA7075 T1500 high pressure forged hub, T6 treatment
      3. Bigg Fan security
      4. Core technology



  • Voltage : 420V / 220V
  • Dia: 7m, 6m,5m, 4m
  • KW : 1.5 kw
  • Weight : 120 kg
  • Noise : 60DB
  • Capacity : 6,00,000 CMH

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  • Item Code: BF740

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Bigg Fan – Kol